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Great Program!
In my youth I dabbled in the martial arts, karate as a child and later taiji as an undergraduate in college. It wasn't until I started learning from Shifu Steffan de Graffenried that I really found a love for martial arts, and kung fu especially. Shifu de Graffenried is incredibly knowledgeable about many different styles of kung fu and martial arts; not just the forms and applications, but also the history and lineages. He doesn't shroud anything in mystery, instead teaching you exactly what you need to do to not only learn kung fu, but to build a body capable of doing kung fu. His instruction has helped me to gradually overcome pronated feet and reach new levels of balance and coordination that I couldn't previously. Shifu de Graffenried is an excellent teacher, and I couldn't recommend his courses enough!
Thanks Shifu!!
From the power and speed of Bajiquan and Mantis to the grace and beauty of Northern Shaolin and Long Fist, Shifu Steffan de Graffenried offers incredible depth of instruction in the foundations and applications of traditional Chinese martial arts. His training provides a chance to experience not only a valuable, historical art form but also relevant and effective self-defense and character development. In addition, Shifu de Graffenried’s knowledge of body mechanics and structure has helped change my life, and—as a survivor of stage IV cancer (and years of chemotherapy)—I am now healthier and stronger than I have ever been. Thank you, Shifu!
Twenty Years
More than two decades ago I met Shifu Steffan de Graffenried. I was an 11 year old wiry little kid with A.D.D. I was smaller than everyone my age and was very insecure. He taught me at first how to defend myself and built my confidence higher than I would have ever imagined. Even as a very small boy I could handle my own with anyone that came at me. Quickly building an image for myself. As I grew in size and age he helped me grow in intellect as well. Taught me more than defense, he taught me real power and wisdom. His teachings throughout the years have helped me not only grow as a martial artist, but as a man. Taught me to know myself and to understand real power with no effort. Hes been an instructor, mentor, guide and friend all of these years. I'm very confident in my martial arts, I feel his teaching and artistry has turned me into the man I am today. I highly recommend these courses!
Kung Fu Power
I've studied martial arts for a long time, and have always felt I had some skill. But when I came to Shifu Steffan de Graffenried to study kung fu I learned how little I actually knew, and how much deeper my martial skill could go. I have gained so much from Shifu de Graffenried and now my strength and abilities far outshine anything I had before. I highly recommend this course. By following the teachings in this course, you'll become far more powerful than you ever thought possible. Such has been my experience.